Our Culture

Integrity, dedication,
and respect.

Our foundation has been built around the core values of passion, transparency, dependability, safety and most importantly family. When you become a Spaartan, you become family. We encourage every employee to have a voice that can be heard and respected.

Our “Get it Done” attitude is infectious and we carry that with us to every project we work on. Our long standing experience in the industry and professionalism helps projects rollout with minimal delays or costly rework.


Meet the Spaartans

Cliff Francis


Marko Holdt

VP Operations SPAAR Exteriors, Multifamily & Commercial and Warehouse

Steffen Holdt

VP of Business Development & Estimating

Kyle Follett

VP of Finance and Administration

Chris Francis

VP of Operations - SPAAR Residential, Colours, Spray Systems and Service

Work hard, and
play hard.

At Spaar we are dedicated to providing an environment that promotes creativity and a work hard, play hard mentality. We empower our staff to think outside of the box and to use their ideas to solve challenges and create positive outcomes.